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Earth Healing

Preparedness Retreat

Visions & Earth Centeredness

Off-grid, Organic




Retreat and Sanctuary
            Galactic Ascension & Healing in The Spirit Lands

  Sanctuary & Retreat

  Spiritual Healing with Mother Earth
Zuni Canyon       Healing Retreats
      The Good Medicine of Mother Earth
      Peace & Blessings

  Visions and Earth Centeredness
      Peaceful & Secluded Hermitage
      Galactic Ascension
      Sacred Places

  Preparedness - What is coming
      Living in Harmony with Earth
      Off grid, pristine Air Water & Stars
      the 9'th Wave of Creation and
            the Supra-mental Awakening

  Sacred Place
          - the Spirit Lands Refuge
      the Center of the Universe, Valley of the Gods
      Chaco Canyon, the Ancient Way, Canyon de Chelly, Hopi Land
      Gila Wilderness, Hot Springs

  Native American Teachings and Healing Energy Therapies
      Learning from our Elders
      Raven & Crow (Cuervo) Coyote (Coyotl) and Deer (Manik)
      The Spiritual Ascent of Mankind

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