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Sacred white buffalo - young bull The Spirit Lands Vision
Healing through Earth love
Respect for those who came before, and care for those who will follow
Peace & Blessings

More About the Spirit Lands Goals
* Provide a sacred space for all who would seek shelter, solace, rejuvenation, re-connecting
* Provide a retreat space for Earth Healing
* Provide remote hermitage, facilitate sacred place experience
* Provide space for wisdom keepers and practitioners to share their knowledge and expand
* Impart a framework for preparedness and survivability
* Stimulate understanding and living in harmony with Earth
* Work toward whole life with foods, medicines, and a seed bank

The Retreat Mentor
He called the Magic Deer in his early teens, spoke with it and stroked its coarse fur. Slept with Coyotl, and breathed the winds of time. Charmed the wild grouse and felt its wildly beating heart, in a pact with the Great Spirit to not harm the denizens, his woodland brothers and sisters. Geronimo (Goyahkla) revealed his spirit pony to him in Medicine Park where a little later twenty-four eagles circled above in layers. Sees your soul and knows your heart on sight. More about the Mentor

Email :: spirit (a) thespiritlands (dot) net
Phone :: TBA

The Spirit Lands sign Location
The Spirit Lands of North America, the ancient grounds of los Antiguos or those who came before, lie at the crossroads of the Apache, O'odham, and Taos Pueblo Nations. Email for detailed information!

The Spirit Lands Sacred Retreats are beneath the deeply spiritual Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the Valley of the Gods, Taos -- and in Tucson in the Heart of the Sonoran Desert. Retreats are elevating and peaceful, as Retreat and Sanctuary should be. Bald eagles, elk, big horn sheep, and raven abound. Please contact for complete directions and availability.

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