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The founder's spiritual gifts were revealed to him in the dawn of his youth when he called a wild white-tailed doe from the forest. His Spirit Deer stayed with him many days. In Native American traditions, a gifted child is often revealed to the people by the youth calling or Sacred white buffalo yearling calf befriending wild animals, and displaying special gifts or powers with nature and animals. The founder made a sacred pact to not harm the woodland denizens, his true brethren and sistren, as he charmed and captured the soul of a wild grouse and held it in his hands, marvelling at its wildly beating heart and flashing black eyes. His power was revealed to him as he made this Sacred Pact and in the act of calling the Spirit Deer.

Later, his gifts were reconfirmed by the great spiritual guide Goyakle or Geronimo, near Medicine Park Oklahoma in the Indian grave sites.

The founder's sacred vow includes protecting his native brethren and guiding people in understanding the natural world. It includes a responsibility to care for our Earth. It includes aiding all those who would learn preparedness, the truth about Western civilization, and how to survive. It includes aiding all who would learn how to be still, how to silence their inner voice, and how to see the entire Universe from one sacred location in the desert. It includes aiding all who would let themselves feel and accept, and learn a fundamental Universal truth.

If you are looking for degrees and accomplishments, the founder has them, although we think success in the empirical world of western civilization has little to do with spirit and soul. The founder is blessed with multiple intelligence and his careers demonstrate the diversity of his gifts and abilities. He was a NASA Johnson Space Center research scientist and software engineer for the Space Station Project. He was a touring artist, a recording artist and showman. He is a lifelong writer, musician, and spiritualist. He's a successful author, poet, and songwriter. He designed and built 13 Deer, a passive solar micro-farm now bearing rich bounty. He journeys now in the Spirit Lands, fulfilling his sacred vow, a spiritual leader, as his native Mayan name Oxlahun Manik suggests.

Email :: spirit (a) thespiritlands (dot) net

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The Spirit Lands of North America, the ancient grounds of los Antiguos or those who came before, lies at the crossroads of the Apache, Acoma, Taos and O'odham Nations. Email for detailed information!

The Spirit Lands Sacred Moments is in the wide open North Plains in the Land of Enchantment. It is isolated and peaceful, as Retreat and Sanctuary should be. Bald eagles, elk, antelope, and raven abound. Please contact for complete directions and availability.

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