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The Spirit Lands :: Good Medicine for Healing

Your Personalized Retreat
Whenever you're ready to unplug, and connect with the deeper truth of human existence, The Spirit Lands awaits. You create, with us, the Sanctuary ideal Earth healing sojourn.

Choose retreat and activities then contact us for confirmation. Please read this entire page.

Spiritual Healing & Retreats
Sacred Place
Healing through Earth Love
Supra-mental Awakening
Visions & Earth Centeredness

Retreat Center Availability         Fast Email Response
Your retreat inquiry receives personal attention. Do it your way. Offered are shorter solitary retreats, preparedness retreats, and extended retreats with sacred healing and visits to sacred place. Your retreat sojourn can be hermitage or with others, with or without interaction with practitioners. At any particular time, there are practitioners in things like Reike, Galactic energy, Earth Healing, Wicca, the Supra-mental Awakening, and so on. In addition to information about accomodations and dates available, we are happy to answer questions and be of service. Please email with dates and preferences and tell us about the personal retreat you would like.

Ghost Ranch Retreat Reservations         Retreat Confirmations
We accept donations to keep the Spirit Lands going. To make reservations, please first contact us via email or phone to check availability. Within 24 hours of confirming availability, please make your Retreat donation. We accept cash, personal check, international banque cheque, money order, and wire transfer. Please allow a 4 week hold for processing checks and money orders.

After receiving your contribution, we email confirmation and provide your reservation details. Thank you and Blessings.

Please note :: The Spirit Lands also accepts supplies and work in trade and barter. Apply by email and See PARTICIPATORY RETREATS & BIDING FOR A SEASON, below.

Couples and Solo Retreat Planning
Group Weekend Rentals
What To Bring - Packing and Getting Here

Earth Healing
Sacred Place - peace & healing
Sojourns - learning silence
Ancient wisdom and secrets

Visions and Earth Centerdness
Sacred Place
Galactic energies
Native American teachings - Listening to Grandfather

Preparedness Center
Western civilization - fundamental flaws
The truth - what's coming and what can we do?
The 9th Wave of Creation and the Supra-mental Awakening

sunset on Ghost Ranch Sacred Land and Sacred Place - the Spirit Lands
Valley of the Gods - Taos
the spiritual Sangre de Cristo Range
Sacred Valley and the Ancient Way
the Center of the Universe
Ghost Ranch - Tubac - la Pimaria Alta
Sacred Sonoran Desert

On the way
Gila Wilderness and Healing Gila Waters
Chiricahua Mountains and Apacheria
Old Mexico

The Spirit Lands Policies
LIABILITY - You are responsible for your safety and well being at The Spirit Lands. State and county laws apply.

Email :: spirit (a) thespiritlands (dot) net
Phone :: TBA

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