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Retreat Q&A faq's

*Southwest Retreat Tips, Questions and Answers*

Canyon de Chelly  Navajo
Why are there so many Retreats offered in Southwest?
Southwest has many very good venues for retreats, and they all have a somewhat different focus. Southwest, with its majestic beauty in any direction, and the magical vortex sites for healing, makes it a perfect destination for healing the body, mind, and spirit. The energy of Southwest, supports healing on many different levels. I have personally witnessed deep healing happen when anyone comes here with an open heart, mind, and clear intentions for healing.

How do I choose a Retreat?
First make a list of what you are looking for in a retreat program. Next, ask lots of questions. Does the retreat facilitator have experience in working with the issues that you wish to address. Also, many of the retreats require that you travel around from place to place to different therapists. Is this what you want? Usually the real meaning of retreat--is to stop and turn inward. Therefore, quietness and stillness are very important.

What is different about your retreat?
Our main focus is peace and sanctuary. The Spirit Lands provides more time for relaxation and introspection, and Earth learning. Partake of Earth Healing (healing from the Earth and learning wisdom from its denizens.) Do a Hermitage. Enjoy off grid living and natural living. Our retreats are a time to stop and reflect. In this reflective time, with guide tools, meditation, and journaling, you are facilitated to reconnect and rediscover your spiritual essence.

What is the focus of your retreat?
The total focus is you, and facilitating your individual journey on your spiritual path. We do not promote a particular philosophy or religion, other than reconnecting you to your own inner spiritual essence and the earth and nature. Our focus is on giving you the tools to make decisions that resonate with your heart and inner knowing. Many of our clients have closed their hearts, and lost connection to their intuition and inner wisdom. We don't teach a lot of in doctrine, instead we take you into nature, and assist you to be still and listen. This journey, facilitates your journey home to your heart and inner knowing.

The Spirit Lands :: Why are so many being drawn to Southwest, its beauty, and the healing energy?
The beauty of Southwest is soothing to the soul. Sunsets, wind and open sky are inspirational and spiritual. Connect with nature and experience simpler off-grid living with natural foods and clear sparkling water. Contemporary society has become so hurried and chaotic that 90% of us have adrenal burn-out. What does this mean? Most with adrenal burn-out feel fatigued, there is too much inflammation in the body, which shows up as high cholesterol, stiff neck, and headaches, and more. Left untreated these symptoms lead eventually to immune dysfunction, heart disease, and other chronic disease.

Why are all the spiritual retreat centers booked months in advance?
Taking a break surrounded by beauty brings your body, mind and spirit back to balance and assists you in releasing your stress. Reiki, massage, connecting to the land and other healing therapies, deepens this experience and provides tools to take home to extend this new found peace. Many seek this experience and the Spirit Lands is known for this type of healing.

In the open lands under the sun, in the wind and big sky country, with views of the mountains, in the open expanse of the the Land of Enchantment, the Spirit Lands waits for you!

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