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Packing & Getting Here :: The Spirit Lands

A Safe Place to Heal and Grow

Prepare a little ahead for your retreat, then you can leave your normal cares and concerns behind, and focus on Healing and Sojourn. Check with us about climate and temperature details; the desert Southwest is magical, and weather can change rapidly. It tends to be warm during the day when the sun is up, and cools rapidly when the sun goes down. Although daily temp's are warm, it is comfortable in shirt sleeves or loose long sleeve shirt. Lobo Canyon Evenings you might want a light jacket or pullover hoody. Always pack a broad-brimmed hat - protecting yourself from the sun is essential.

Pack Light
Pack like you're going camping and you have to carry or pack everything. Make a list of your prescription medication and any medical dietary requirements. Include your emergency contact information on your person and in your luggage. You'll be asked to disclose prescription and medical requirements ahead of time.

Remember the rapid desert temperature changes as you pack. Be prepared. Your length of stay will affect the amount to pack, however there is an on-site laundry room so don't over pack! Keep it simple yet complete.

Popular day jaunts and spiritual sorties are easy for all ages. Accomodations can be RV, campground, wilderness, or, depending on location, casita. We can help you book a room if the area supports hotels. For sacred place sorties and retreats with spiritual Healing, most of the notes below apply. In the cooler season add warmer gear and check with us.

Packing List
* Bedroll - Sleeping pad (foam pad or wool Indian blanket), light sleeping bag or equivalent. Small pillow or use wadded up clothes
* Lightweight Hiking Boots with good traction if you plan hiking
* Nikes sneaker walking shoes with good support
Casual Comfortable Clothing
* A pair of dickies or jeans (comfortable long pants) for walking and lounging
* 1 pair of shorts
* 1 loose-fitting lounge outfit
* Long-sleeved tshirt, short-sleeved tshirt, casual top
* Good cotton/poly athletic socks, and a pair of light wool boot socks for hiking
* Personal under things, robe, and 1 swimsuit (for hikes and hot spring soaks)

Outdoor Clothing - Depending on Season
Layers function well. The desert Southwest has more wind and sun than other regions.
* Wide brim hat for sun and wind protection is required year round. Straw Western hats like Stetson and Resistol work fine, also sun hat styles.
* Sunglasses are suggested for high glare direct sunlight. Keep in mind letting light and sun into your retinas is necessary for a healthy mind and body. Consider a pair of clear glasses in addition to shades. They allow natural light but cut some glare.
* 1 lightweight outer jacket (wind blocker)
* Consider lightweight utility gloves (protect your head and hands when working or travelling outdoors)
* Day-pack / rucksack
* Light rain poncho (especially in monsoon season July and August)

Cooler Season Gear
Check with us for details
* Light weight hikers or sturdy boots for the feet
* 1 fleece or poly lined jacket (winter grade)
* Thermal underwear
* Wool knit cap and light leather work gloves (protect your head and hands when working or travelling outdoors.)

* Toiletry bag, Rx medications, herbal remedies, camera, Journal and writing utensils

Consider leaving these things behind
Out of consideration to those around you, and your own inner peace, we recommend omitting the following items ::
** All electronics, planners pads tablets, cell phones, perfumes, and synthetic hair or body products, aerosols, valuables (bring only the jewelry that is needed.) Plan your sojourn for Healing; if you carry on your over-stressed too-busy lifestyle from somewhere else, will you Heal to your maximum? HQ locations have good cell coverage. Much of the outback is just that; you'll get no reception.

Transportation & Getting Here
Fly into the nearest ABQ, TUC, Sky Harbor airport. We can provide shuttle service to the Retreat or you may rent a car. America West or Southwest Airlines schedule frequent flights. Shuttling is recommended, if only to maximize your on-Earth contact while retreating, relaxing, and Healing. Arrivals are anytime and departures normally are in the a.m.

Nestled in the mystic and deeply spiritual Southwest are our two HQ locations, with the Gila Wilderness and Chihuahuan high desert between the two. The ancient lands of the Taos Pueblo and Apache, good medicine Peace and Solitude, await in the open expanse of The Spirit Lands. !Bienvenidos!

Email :: spirit (a) thespiritlands (dot) net
Phone :: TBA

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